First Nations Capital Partners I & II

Visionary Capital at Work

FNCP’S Overall Philosophy

The management of FNCP is composed of seasoned investors, not traders or speculators. The capital of the investors will be used to acquire or invest in high quality and reasonably priced companies, the equity of which is being made available for good (and verifiable) reasons. Locating attractive deals requires ongoing diligence and constant nurturing of contacts. This is particularly the case because the target companies typically have not had outside investors or institutional capital. In these situations, professional capital can bring a new level of business operations and savvy to the target company while generally retaining existing management to continue running the business on an on-going basis. FNCP will do this through active, but typically not day-to-day, management of its portfolio companies, thereby adding value, especially in the areas of accounting/auditing, legal, banking and finance, as well as long-term planning and growth strategies. The resulting growth and success of the enterprise speaks for itself. The portfolio companies are then transformed from reasonably successful entrepreneurial based companies to professionally managed and operated companies with increased revenues and profits, which generally allows for higher multiples if, as and when an exit occurs.

“Follow not the path created by others, but rather create your own path… and leave a trail”

– Anonymous

We are actively seeking investment opportunities that meet our criteria.